Sharing a 360-Panorama on Facebook

If you want to share a Visoft 360 panorama on Facebook, you need to edit the (Efix) metadata of the image so it gets recognized as a 360-photo. You can check the Facebook 360 documentation here.

Step 1

Use Phototuning to render an image; set the resolution to 2:1 (e.g.  6000×3000) and enable the option Spherical camera.

Step 2

For editing the metadata you can use the online tool The Exifer.
Drag & Drop the image created in ViSoft to this tool and press

Browse to the last tab named xmp gpano tags and scroll down until you see ProjectionType (4th from bottom).

Fill in: equirectangular. And press Go.eXifing.

The metadata is modified,  close the editor.

Press to download the image with the new metadata.

The image can now be uploaded on Facebook as a 360-photo.