Exporting to zip files or to CAD

Export project to archive

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Use this function to export the projects that you made in ViSoft Premium. This can be useful if you want to transfer the project to a different pc with Visoft installed. Attention: this needs to be the same version as the one you made it with for example premium 2018. In the same way, import projects in ViSoft; File > import > import project from archive.

You can send the zip files via WeTransfer as they are most of the time too large for e-mail.

You can also use this function to create a back-up for your projects.


Exporting to CAD-software

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If you want you can export a plan or a different output view to for example Autocad to add plumbing measurements.
Below you find an example of a 2d image export opened in DoubleCad.

Go to File > Export > Export 2D image to CAD file



[expand title=”Free Autocad and Bimviewers”]

Download link Doublecad

Overview of free BIM viewers