Hollows and holes

In submenu Door\Win you will find the functions to make (free) hollows and holes in murals and walls. A hollow can’t be placed on a free mural. Use a wall, divider or block. A hollow has a rectangular shape by default, choose free hollow to draw a different shape.

When you use a free mural to create a diagonal or round ending, combine it with a divider or block in the middle. That way you will be able to place a hollow on the straight part without any problem.

Free hollow

Free hollows and holes are created by placing nodes. Place nodes by clicking the left mouse button. After placing a node a line will be drawn from it in the direction of mouse movement. Lines drawn in such way must not cross each other.

If you placed a node by mistake you can undo it by clicking the right mouse button > delete last side or by pressing ESC key. By pressing SHIFT key you can select lines in a certain direction. You can also enter the length of the line in centimetres. If you press CTRL key the current line will be transformed into an arc. To finalize the free hollow or hole return to the first node or double click the left mouse button. Click Edit button on the lower task toolbar or double click the selected aperture to edit it. You can adjust the position of each node, add or remove nodes, turn the lines to curves or arcs and define segmentation.