Activate ViSoft / Get a license code

Plug in the ViSoft Premium USB dongle in to one of your USB ports.
When starting ViSoft premium for the first time it will need a activation code. This activation process is done automatically a problem occurs. If there is a problem a activation screen will pop up, please enter all info except HardwareID. You can find your customer id on your invoice.

You can get a activation code in a few different manners:

Online activation: Click on the button to get your code online. 
Via e-mail: Cilick on the e-mail icon to send a mail to
Via Phone: Click on the button by phone

Select the Ok button.

When you have multiple work spaces you need to do this process on each pc.

No e-mail client on your ViSoft computer? Send a e-mail to from a different pc:

Bitte freigabe für:
ViSoft Premium versie xxx ( Add your version on the xxx; e.g. 2018-64 bit.)

Hardware ID: xxxxxxxxxxxx ( in here copy the harwareID in the activation screen)