Network settings for ViSoft data files

You can save projects and others on a network disk in order to have them accessible to multiple computers and users.
The network setup of the Tile library is described in this article.

On a local installation of ViSoft Premium, all the paths are in the file: c:\ViSoftCreative\Userdata\settings.xml

The file settings.xml can be altered on one pc and then copied over to the others to have the same settings on all PC’s.

Attention: Close ViSoft Premium before you change anything in the settings.xml file.

save path Dongle installation Online license installation
Software C:\ViSoftCreative C:\ProgramFiles\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium
Utils \\Utils
Data C:\ProgramData\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium
Sanitary \Arge \Arge
Tiles \Tiles \Tiles
UserData \Userdata \Userdata
Projects \Projekte \Projekte
Project location (visualizations and drawings)

In the ViSoft preferences > General, you can change the location of where the projects are saved.

By default, this is C:\ViSoftCreative\Projekte

Click on the 3 dots to the right to select your own path to save your projects in.

Projects path in settings.xml:

Save location of Tile boards (Created with the board assistant)


Save location of Tile patterns (Created with Tile > patterns)

Save location Murals Library (Grouped sanitary objects)
C:\ViSoftCreative\Data\CustomMurals\</custom_mural- folder>

Save location sanitary library

>The locally installed sanitary library can be found at c: \ViSoftCreative\Arge. Move all the folders to the network location. Don’t add Arge in the path otherwise, ViSoft will create an extra folder.  For example,  F:\ViSoft is the correct path, place the Arge folder in here.