Moving libraries, projects, and data to another partition

The ViSoft with dongle installation is placed on the C: disk in the folder ViSoftCreative, including the tile and sanitary libraries. An online license is placed on the following C:\ProgramFiles\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium and the data in C:\ProgramData\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium\.
If you want to spare space on your hard drive after the installation. If your hard drive is full. You can move the tile, sanitary libraries, project folder, and user data folder using Move Visoft Data Tool.
To do it follow these simple steps:

1. Launch the tool and select language
Go to folder C:\ViSoftCreative\Utils\MoveVisoftDataToAnotherPartition – dongle installation or to C:\Program Files\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium\Utils\MoveVisoftDataToAnotherPartition online installation. Launch the tool MoveVisoftDataTool.exe and select language.

2. Choose what data you want to move, Sani database, Tile database, Project folder, or User data folder. You can do it using the drop-down menu

3. After you choose what to transfer click next and choose where to put them. Click on Browse to select or create a new directory

4. Click Install to begin the process. Transferring data can take a while it depends on how much info you are transferring.