Wall Board Assistant

In Menu Tile | Fast you can use the wall- and floorboard assistant for automatic, quick and complete tiling. The boards are created with tilesets. Boards contain one or more tile areas.

Submenu Fast is divided into two sections: Wall and Floor. This enables you to select different tilesets for wall and floor.

Below the series name, you can see in the preview how the board will be placed on the wall or floor. Use the checkmark to place them in your project, unless Apply changes automatically is enabled. You can use < and > to browse through the auto boards. To select a different tileset click on the preview of the tiles. As you will see in the tiles browser some series have tilesets with both wall and floor tiles while others have no tilesets at all. If there is more then one tileset in the selected series you can change between them by clicking button < and > under the tileset. If the tileset contains floor tiles you can choose it as floor tileset with  > and < between both tilesets.

Open the wall or floor board assistent to create your own boards.

Board assistant

Click on the New icon. Open a tileset of browse to tiles you want to use. Drag and drop them on the board.

When you dropped a tile, an area is created. This you can easily edit with the options on the right side. Change the tile starting point, add joint colors, change the number of tile rows, add material, etc. You can also drag and drop the areas to change the order.

Save the board if you want to use it in future projects. The saved boards are accessible under the tab boards and you have to select the brand of the tiles you used in the database.